Monday, October 24, 2005

Whether change and mood change

Whether change dramatically these days
Getting colder and dryer

Mood also like that
Suddenly get cold and dry
Begin to feel depressed these days
Need time to adjust to the whether and well as my mood

Lost some weight last week coz several nights burnt mid-night oil
Brain kept work for the whole week
Lost my appetite, food do not interested me anymore

Got not enough time to rest
Got not enough time to listen and see things around
Got not enough time even to feel upset

The only day for my body to rest is also the only day for my emotion rest
All the suppressed emotions just burst out
Maybe it is also influenced by the periodical and biological uniqueness of female
Just lose much energy to concentrated
Just being preoccupied with damn negative emotions

Works piled up
Energy trapped
Really wanna to eliminate the negative emotion
I need work and work need me


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