Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At Singapore_5th day

Again- Here i am at the cyper cafe, Alone... Surrounded by strangers

For the first time, out of my control, tears run off.
It is not easy to hide my emotions, it is not eays to release as well.

Work unexpectedly face certain resistence, including the objective enviroment as well as the personel....
Am i really to ambitious????? I only believe we can do more, explore more alternatives.... If we do more, volunteers here would have clearer direction in followign up , I really believe !
We are not productive, i think we have waste a lot of time,
For what i wanted to try, she did not think it is necessary, I hate making judgement without making any attempt to try.
She said i am putting myself in risk, to a certain extent, i agree there is some risks. However , is that a really great risks??

I know such work need more patience, but patience does not means doing nothing !! I hate the feeling of doing nothing.......

reading classmates' diary, I know they have a really great night in the graduatio dinner.
I hoped i would also enjoy the joy ... It is unforunate that i could never share the joy

I was a bit upset that in each of their diary , no one mentioned "it was so good that if bread were here"................ Anyway, from the very first day when i have made decision about my own path in school life, I should and i had to prepare this, it is the fact and i should accept that anyway.

sooner or later, i will travel to Malaysia , For Malaysia, it coul dbe anticipated that the situation is worse, really start from very zero. I hope we can still overcome and work can be continuously carried out. And when we leave Singapore on Sunday, there woud be something achieved , but not always nothing. I don't expect getting 100 from 0 , but 10 from 0 , there would be very very encouraging .

比比,sorry that i made you worried, i would keep myself in good condition. Thanks for your care and love, you are the one who are always standing by my sides and engergize me with love and care. Don't worry about the trafficking things, what i do is to show people the other side of the coin. I love You!!


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous 大CAR said...

可以做到有d 進展同埋方向已經唔易gar la~

可能一返工, 特別係你的job nature 真係會多同同事合作, 但可能要用d 時間俾大家去認識同埋協調一下~
野心大有時係反映你好想做好d je~
可能而家TIming 未到,

Grad Din 入面, 相信大家都會有諗起你, 只係......因為覺得...你只係去左 "公幹" 同埋其實我覺得係大家一齊食飯, 下次再食過law ~
反正Catherine 咁掛住你~

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Victor Leung said...


I miss you so and I support you at any moment, anywhere and any time.
Lots to talk and lake of coins. Share with me on Sunday. No more tear. Get enough to eat and achieve what you want to do.Love you baby.

At 4:58 AM, Anonymous  said...



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