Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A busy tiring day again

2:30am- hug hug lovely bed, but did meet Joe Ma in my dream >.< 7:00—leave my lovely bed
7:00-7:20- refreshed bath , body shop orange bath oil
7:45- 9:00 on the way to Tuen Mum RCC
9:00 rice roll for breakfast , cost $5
10:00-1:15 team meeting of women empowerment project , lot to discuss, but most were not directly related to my work, but I did learn from that
Presentation to senior IC while centre IC sitting next to me, unclear presentation needs improvement
1:15- 2:30 on the way back to school for Mentally disorder lecture,
2:30- 5:30 classmates’ presentation on Dementia, informative , I tried my very best to concentrate, but I failed in that due to bad functioning of brain
6:00-7:30—meeting of MD presentation, presentation life start, it must drain away certain portion of energy – one more work to shoulder

7:30 afterwards- personal stuffs, family observation , learning contract....... workfare& advocay
lot to do but limited energy and time


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